Three ways to win a pitch using diagrams  

  1. Use a pyramid to work out genuine prospects
  • Draw a pyramid with three bands.
  • The top section represents people who understand your company’s offer. These will be existing or past clients, or very hot prospects.
  • The middle band is people who might understand or require what you do, but who need persuading or educating, which takes up your business development time.
  • The base is people who never will, or will take a very long time to convince.
  • By populating the sections with prospect names or quantities, you will have an immediate grasp of what the new business strategy should be.


  1. Use a triangle to work out if you really want the business
  • The Business Satisfaction Triangle deals with the three most important components that affect whether companies and their people find their work fulfilling.
  • The three elements are fun (enjoyment), subject matter (intellectual interest and stimulation), and financial value (making a profit).
  • If a business can tick all three criteria, then it has ideal work circumstances.
  • It is important that a minimum of two of these criteria are met to make any project or customer relationship appealing.
  • If only one can be ticked, then you should seriously consider declining the work, or at the very least must change something significant about it.
  • If none of the criteria apply, then the business should probably be declined.


  1. Use the market map to explain why you should be appointed
  • The Market Map is a highly effective and very flexible way to establish clarity and strategic authority when looking at any market.
  • Start by selecting two important factors in the market in question. For example, in the automotive market these might be price and safety reputation.
  • Plot two overlapping axes from high to low, always placing the high ends to the top and right.
  • Place your company and any competitors on the grid. So in this example a car with a good safety reputation and a high price would appear top right.
  • Use the results to identify gaps in the market, or significant overlaps. Being out on your own could either be good (more distinctive) or bad (what do the others know that you don’t?)
  • When presenting to win a pitch, point out some current deficiencies and explain how your proposals will improve matters (moving towards the top right).


//Kevin Duncan 


50sattattvisualiseradittbudskap_120Nyfiken på mer?

Läs då Kevin Duncans bok ”50 sätt att visualisera ditt budskap – En snabbguide”. Om du verkligen vill nå fram och påverka medarbetare, kunder och andra, då måste du både hitta kärnan i och visualisera ditt budskap. Den här boken ger dig verktygen för att kunna göra just detta, att presentera ditt budskap på ett tydligt, enkelt och effektivt sätt med hjälp av 50 mycket användbara och universella figurer och diagram.


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